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Haymarket HQ

How to Sell your Expertise so No-one else gets the Job or Business

Come across as the person who is the best choice within a few minutes of meeting you.

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How to Sell your Expertise so No-one else gets the Job or Business

Time & Location

Oct 31, 2019, 4:57 AM

Haymarket HQ, 2/63 Dixon St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

About the event

In this workshop and seminar we will learn how what to say and what to write to sell your expertise in such a way you rise to the top.

In fact, after meeting you they may choose never to see anyone else, so persuaded will they be that you are the right person.

This will apply for a Job or Contract (as in Interviews), Consulting or Coaching (as in seeing you are the best in helping them).

And as long as you can deliver you close the door on anyone who might say they can do as good or better.

As a logical process you need to deliver 3 things:


Saying you can do something is not giving certainty. In fact, it usually ends up as the opposite - uncertainty.

People who can really do something often don’t even say they can. In fact, they might even show times when they didn’t deliver it.

There are 2 problems with the process:



B. YOUR ABILITY TO SELL mismatches your ability to deliver.

So you get phrases like “Self Motivated Results Driven Multi-Faceted Consultant” or “We deliver the best service and results available in the industry”.

One can only deliver certainty indirectly. So the person you are communicating with concludes themselves that you can do it. Not you saying you can. It will never really work any other way.


There is such a thing as the “Deal Killer”.

The problem with the deal killer is nobody will tell you what you did wrong so you don’t know how you did it.

If you have a “Deal Killer” or create enough doubt about you, you will never get the job or the business.

Being rude is an obvious one. But there are more.

Think about an invisible scoreboard the other person is keeping.

1. Certainty.

2. Doubt.

They need certainty you can deliver. And have no doubt about problems you might create.

For example - will you create bad relationships? Are you honest? In a job, will you suddenly leave for something better? In business will you not pay or not deliver or delay?

We will cover what some of the ‘invisible’ signals you might send to create doubt but also the formula to actually remove doubt about you.

After you deliver the above 2, there is a shortlist. You then need the 3rd thing:

3. The Valuable thing they didn’t even ask for - which closes the deal

A lot of people say we can do things others can’t.

The problem is that is just words. When you try to explain it - the other thinks:




Most people try to explain what they do different or better, but it it descends into a debate.

You must get the other person to ask this question - “How did you…..?”

Then you can explain and they asked for it.

There are certain words you must say related to YOU that must create that question - “How did you?”

And when you explain it, the conclusion from them must be - “Ahh... Now I understand. That is valuable. But I can’t do that myself. I will need your help.”

And because they never thought to ask about it, nobody else has provided that benefit (and possibly nobody will in future).

Deal closed.

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